Working Together: Governments, Businesses, Non-Profits...

gov 2.0 conference: May 25-27, 2010, Washington DC

I don't see any NSF representatives listed on any of the speakers lists for the conference.


Other federal agencies are represented there, such as the White House (including the new Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation), the Departments of State, Defense, Labor, HHS and Veteran Affairs, CIA, NIST, NASA, NOAA, NIH, GSA, USPTO and the Library of Congress. There are also many representatives of state and local governments, international government agencies, large and small businesses and a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


This would seem like a good place to gather ideas for this topic. Perhaps an NSF "Birds of a Feather" session would be instrumental in further exploring ideas in this area. The call for BoF proposals in BoF sessions ends May 20.



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